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About Us

sustainable future

We believe in creating Space solutions for a better tomorrow.


Design and development of nano-satellites

Our team of experts specializes in developing innovative nano-satellites with cutting-edge features, such as hyperspectral imaging, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.


AI and ML solutions

We offer AI and ML solutions for data analysis and decision-making in diverse industries. Our solutions leverage the power of machine learning algorithms to provide accurate predictions and insights.


Satellite services

We provide affordable and reliable satellite services for various industries, including agriculture, environmental monitoring, and disaster risk management. Our satellite services include remote sensing, data analysis, and real-time monitoring.


Partnerships and collaborations

We collaborate with industry leaders and partners to drive innovation and create opportunities for startups in space technology. Our partnerships enable us to leverage the latest technologies and expertise to deliver top-notch services.


Sustainability-focused solutions

We are committed to enabling sustainable space exploration and utilization to positively impact life on earth. Our solutions are designed to support sustainable development and address global challenges.
Environmental Monitoring

We develop and deploy nano-satellites equipped with sensors to collect data on environmental factors such as climate change, deforestation, and pollution.

Disaster Risk Management

We offer satellite-based solutions for disaster risk management, such as early warning systems, real-time monitoring, and post-disaster assessment.

Sustainable Space Exploration

We are committed to promoting sustainable space exploration and utilization through research and innovation in areas such as in-space manufacturing, space debris mitigation, and space-based solar power.

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We are a team of innovators passionate about leveraging space technology to solve unique challenges and create sustainable solutions for various industries.

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