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Omarichet for Education

Omarichet space for education provides an opportunity for students and learners to obtain hands-on experience and training in key areas of space science and space technology.

Omarichet ran its first training on satellite engineering which has impacted over 100 trainees from 17 countries.

Capacity building by Omarichet space fills the gap of limited expertise in Space Technology and its related disciplines.

⬤ 01. Training

Omarichet Educational satellite is designed for hands-on learning for all education levels: STEM education, university studies and professional training.

10x10x10cm training satellite based on the successful CubeSat standard, weighing less than 1kg.

Perfectly fitted to train on design, manufacture, integration, validation and operation of satellites.

The users can build on it. The satellite allows them to integrate and test their own developments, both SW and HW.

⬤ 02. simulators

Omarichet Edu Sat has the top of the range spacecraft subsystems

  • Electrical Power

  • Command and Data Handling

  • Attitude Determination and Control

  • Structure

Features a Wi-Fi communication system allowing the connection with your PC, where the Omarichet Sat GUI allows an easy operation of the satellite.
⬤ 03. Build

Build Your Very Own Space Satellite

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