The Beginning….

The Inaugural Meeting of Omarichet Project was held on 24th January 2020 at Strathmore University iLab, Nairobi Kenya.

The convener, Meshack Kinyua, had invited a team of Engineers, GIS Experts, students and telecoms industry leaders to the meet up. Meshack presented the concept of Nano Satellites, a training programme, logistics of launch, and possibilities for innovation to create a constellation of satellites to address the Communications, IoT and Earth sensing needs of Sub Saharan Africa. The Team agreed on a way forwards.

Mission 2020 – Receipt of Heptasat Training kit and extensive training and education outreach. Budget for Mission 2020 was confirmed and funding secured by seed capital from Meshack and Ben for purchase and customs clearance of the training kit.

Mission 2021 – Further R&D and Launch of Omarichet – 1 An African Nanosatellite carrying experimental payloads to address the key challenges facing Africa, namely Kenya’s BIG 4 Agenda, Affordable Healthcare, Food Security, Affordable Housing, Industrialisation. Proof of Mission success to raise capital for Mission 2023.

Mission 2023 – Launch a constellation of satellites for commercial use in Sub Saharan Africa.

The Project name ‘Omarichet’ was chosen.

Omarichet is a word used by the Nandi People for a time-honored orbit-like stable used to house cattle at the center of the homestead. This word has a contextual symbolic meaning of innovation through interdependence.

The name envisions our goal to launch Nano Satellites constellations on Low Earth Orbit and to provide entrepreneurs, researchers, governments & companies the opportunity to use space technology as a tool to solve humanity’s biggest challenges.

Covid-19 and the new normal then struck East Africa in March, and with many people locked down, the project was forced to move online. But in May 2020, Ben and Mukira managed to get together with Eng. Rege and Eric to launch the Heptasat training kit, installing ‘Hello Blinky’ code onto the Satellites main CPU board.

The compiled code was launched to the tune of Swedish Rock Band, Europe’s chart topping Rock Anthem ‘The Final Countdown’.

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